You Are Free: Stories


From the author of the bestselling Caucasia, dazzling and unexpected stories about identity under the influence of appearances, attachments, and longing.

Each of these eight remarkable stories by Danzy Senna tightrope-walks between defined states: life with and without mates, children, or the reference points provided by race, class and gender. Tensions arise between a liberal couple when their son is admitted into the elite private school where they’d applied on a lark. A new mother hosts an old friend, still single, and discovers how each of them pities – and envies – the other. In the title story, a woman’s strange correspondence with a girl claiming to be her daughter leads her into the doubts and what-ifs of the life she hasn’t lived. This is a bravura first collection from an author who helped to establish Riverhead’s reputation for pathbreaking fiction, and whose extraordinary talent and relevance continue to grow.